papa’s hat db 084 600×400 jpeg

Papa’s new hat

31 October 2019 pictures
Papa's new hat My father would always wear a hat. And when I had bought a new one, he would proudly show it to us,…
bird ddb 084 600×400 jpeg

Home again!

31 August 2019 pictures
Sometimes you need a vacation to remember how to be free at home.
lesson for today aj 118 600×400 jpeg

On black

12 August 2019 tales on creativity
Today I accidentally threw over a bottle of Indian ink, spilling right over a painting I was making (not this one by the way). This…
bird on my head 2 600×400


9 August 2019 other stuff
I may dream that I have the world in my hands, but in the meantime a bird landed on my head. God knows what he's…
doodling in summer db 084 600×400 jpeg


8 August 2019 pictures
Favourite activity in summer: doodling around, while the sun is watching and the cats are playing.
sweetmemorie db 038 600×400 jpeg

sweet memory

24 July 2019 other stuff
Hi, six years ago on this day, my mother died. From then on we were orphans, since my father had died a couple of years…
blah blah db 084 600×400 jpeg

be brave!

23 July 2019 other stuff
Talk about what really moves you! This is a note to myself. Lately I catch myself complaining a lot. That doesn't do me or anyone…
lady with hat db 083 600×400 jpeg

the lady with the hat

12 July 2019 pictures
I love to draw ladies with hats. I don’t know why. Maybe because my mother would always wear hats when I was a little girl.
tina db 083 600×400 jpeg


10 July 2019 other stuff
As a teenager in the late 60-s and 70-s I read this magazine called Tina. It was full of comics about girls. They were either…
tafeltje els mijn afb G kunst meubels funfurniture 600×400 jpeg


9 July 2019 painted furniture
I love to paint furniture and walls. I also painted floors (see the floor on the picture here), but I hate sitting on my knees,…
write more db 083 600×400 jpeg

on writing

7 July 2019 tales on creativity
finding the words is like finding the colors you were looking for all day in your studio you almost gave up... but, thank God, you…
round and round db 083 600×400 jpeg

round and round

13 June 2019 other stuff
I was making this piece and kept hearing in my head the song 'the windmills of your mind' (I personally like this version sung by…
singing tree gr map 3 600×400 jpeg


8 June 2019 poetry
the wind plays wildly, the trees find their voices and sing their song out loud
roodkapje db 083 600×400 jpeg


6 June 2019 pictures
I am a bit worried about Little Red Ridinghood now that the wolves are back in The Netherlands and serious about staying, so it seems.…
closed eyes db 083 600×400 jpeg

I will find you

4 June 2019 poetry
Oh, darling, don't worry! I will find you, even in the middle of the night with my eyes closed wandering a pitch-dark forest...
funny hat db 083 600×400 jpeg

Put on your funny hat

3 June 2019 pictures
I was feeling a bit morose this morning. I don't know why. It's Monday, maybe that's it, although I usually like Mondays. Working for myself…
summertime db 083 600×400 jpeg


2 June 2019 pictures
Yes, it’s summertime in The Netherlands today. It is sunny and hot. I am looking after Sacha Wendt‘s beautiful shop in Amsterdam. I wonder who…
rest and music db 083 600×400

the art of taking a nap

31 May 2019 other stuff
I love to take naps, although I am usually dressed and in my bed, unlike in the painting. They load me with energy. A little…
shit 600×400 jpeg

feeling like sh…?

29 May 2019 tales on creativity
'Feeling like sh...? Make art out of it!' This is one of my favourite motto's. It usually works great for me. Whenever I'm feeling down,…
2 zwevende letters 600x 400 jpeg

always a poem

14 May 2019 poetry
black letters wandering around on this piece of paper searching for their place floating... lingering... strolling... connecting to the colors or to the white space…


7 May 2019 pictures
'birdsong', mixed media (ink, ecoline) on paper, reworked digital
resting queen db 083 600×400 jpeg

the resting queen

4 May 2019 other stuff
you are the queen or king of your own life like it or not but even the queen has to rest from time to time…
red pe 600×400 jpeg

Kyle’s brushes

3 May 2019 tales on creativity
Today I downloaded some new brushes (called Kyle's brushes) for Photoshop. This image is the result of my first try out with this new set.…
happy dog 600×400 jpeg

happy dog

2 May 2019 other stuff
Why do I draw dogs? Sometimes I wonder about this. I am not really a dog lover (or a dog hater). For a long time…
very small drawing 1 600×400 jpeg

little lady

30 April 2019 tales on creativity
This is a very small drawing (ca 10x10 cm). I love to make these to keep my hands busy and my head empty. Just a…
happy abstract 600×400 jpeg

Happy abstract pattern

29 April 2019 dessin
Squares, tilted ovals, round forms are the parts of this composition. I was a little bit into abstracts these last days, but I still see…
pattern appel 600×400 jpeg

a fruitful day

27 April 2019 dessin
Yesterday I gave myself an assignment: 'design a pattern using only the computer'. So I learned how to turn a red round shape into an…
the dancer gr map 3 600×400 jpeg

the dancer

25 April 2019 pictures
Life is a dance. There is tiptoeing, there is balancing, there is circling, there are smooth flying phases and extreme difficult moves. Life is a…
folklore db 082 600×400 jpeg

Folklore for this summer?

19 April 2019 pictures
What about some folklore this season? Lots of flowers, different dessins in one piece of clothing. And bright colors of course. I still have to…
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