May 4 and 5 in The Netherlands

In the Netherlands May 4 is the day we remember ‘all those who have died or are murdered in warsituations or during peace operations since the start of the second world war’ (as stated by the may 4-5 committee). They died due to violence, brutal discrimination or in an attempt to stop that.

All the media are overflowing with stories to make us remember. I hope we learn that violence will seldom solve problems whether it is between people or between nations.

But doing nothing, saying nothing is not an option. We have to keep protesting loud and clear when human rights are violated, when people preach hate and when greed takes over.

Today it is may 5 and we celebrate our freedom, because 74 years ago the Germans capitulated to our allies. The Netherlands are covered in our national colors: red, white, blue and orange. Yes even our windmills are dressed in flags.

Yes, let’s celebrate our freedom, but let us also celebrate non-violence and talking to eachother. Loud and clearly please! Again and again!


‘May 4 and 5’,

mixed media on paper, reworked digital

not (yet) in my shop

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