Refound treasures

This piece of art started way back in the year 2000. I remember that at the time I was obsessed with the idea that you can make art out of any scrap of paper. (By the way: I still think that is true.) I used found paper, used paper, old paper, new paper. The paper I used with this piece came from a bunch of very small notebooks I bought in a sale. They had red covers and their size was 10×10 centimeter. The paper had a very rough structure with small threads in it. How a line or a dot of ink or paint turned out was mostly more of a coincidence than a well planned design. I loved working in these little books and took them with me to draw in when sitting in a cafe or so. Recently a found them again and now I’m working in them again. I rework old work and I discovered a lot of empty pages. Refound treasures!

‘found treasures’, small painting,

mixed media on paper


not (yet) in my shop

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