Newletter June 2024


A new attempt at starting a newsletter. Last year I did one… Maybe I’ll manage one or two more this year. We’ll see about that.


We’re just back from a week in sunny Spain. Staying with my sister and brother in law was awesome like always. Sun, fun, music, gorgeous food and a swimming pool. And then I didn’t even mention the great company! Again it was one big party  Thanks Genevieve and Marcel at Casa Pimienta

Back in Leiden there is a lot of work to do on our own garden again. Because of the heavy rains we had the last months everything has completely grown out of the normal proportions. 

Art wise: I made two new books with a lot of paintings and drawings in it. One is called ‘Portraits of people I don’t know (yet)’, 
filled with faces I drew and painted over the last couple of years.

The other book is a collection of art that I call ‘visual poetry’.

During this festival there will be an Art Market on the Hooglandse Kerkgracht. It will be on Saturday and Sunday from 12.00 till 18.00. 
I will be there with prints, books, postcards and some small drawings and paintings. I will also arrange a table where you can make some art yourself (bring the kids).

Well, that’s it! I’m wrapping up this newsletter. I hope you liked it!

Love, Mariska

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