other stuff

round and round

I was making this piece and kept hearing in my head the song ‘the windmills of your mind’ (I personally like this version sung by Sting very much). It is an old song that captures the wandering mind, the halfconscious musing, very well. For me this is what this drawing represents: musing, daydreaming, maybe also thinking in circles and not being able to escape that state of mind.

happy dog

Why do I draw dogs? Sometimes I wonder about this. I am not really a dog lover (or a dog hater). For a long time I thought that they were just not for me. Like pets in general. I like them sometimes, and I love my cats by the way, but I don’t get that kick out of them that I see that other people have.

Anyway, these last years I met some really nice dogs. Like Tres (with only three legs) In Spain. She was so cute and special that I have a special place for her in my heart. She doesn’t live in Spain anymore, where she was always wandering around on the mountainside. She now has retired and lives a more domestic life here in the Netherlands, because she was getting to weak to live life in the wild. I think she’s happy now.

And then recently our neighbours got Loekie. She is a very playful and communicative dog. I discovered that some weeks ago when we all had a great time having diner with some of our neighbours. When everyone got tired of playing with her, she decided to pick me out as her playmate. And I liked it!

I guess the thing is that I have to spend time with animals, before I can like them. Duhh, how surprising is that? Not at all of course! Like everything in life: the better you pay attention and take your time, the more you experience and sometimes that can be joy in places and with beings you’d never though about before. Like with dogs!

tap tap art

When I made this collage it reminded me of a toy we had as children. You remember those geometric wooden shapes in bright colors that had a little hole in it? You could tap a nail through the hole to fasten the wood to a soft underground. You could make gorgeous mosaics.