tales on creativity

Kyle’s brushes

Today I downloaded some new brushes (called Kyle’s brushes) for Photoshop. This image is the result of my first try out with this new set. It feels a bit like having new ‘real’ art accessories. I always have a lot of fun while playing around to discover the possibilities.

little lady

This is a very small drawing (ca 10×10 cm). I love to make these to keep my hands busy and my head empty. Just a stack of small papers and all I do is putting lines on them and sometimes figuring out if it really represents something. You could call it therapeutic doodling. Very calming!

By the way: this one I reworked with photoshop, which took a much more time then the original drawing did. So much for efficiency when working with computers.

studio view on Tuesday morning

This is what my working table looks like this morning. I am working on a lot of pieces of art at the same time. All of them collage and painting/drawing in one. I work with whatever I find at that moment so I never know before what will happen. That makes this kind of work more like playing and adventure than like real work.
Today there are lots of color and flowers on my mind so to see with the yellow tullips dancing on one of the pages.

Princess Carmine

Lately I find myself very easily distracted by all kind of thoughts, smartphoneshit and whatever comes around. What I miss because of that is time to create deeply from the core. I miss ‘listening to the Muze’. The Muze, at least my muze, is a voice inside of me that wispers her instructions very softly. So I have to be quit and concentrated to be able to hear her when she says for example: ‘take the red, put a line there, now work on big paper.’

bird walking in the sun

Looking at this image I guess it is a reflection of me thinking a lot about going on vacation to sunny Spain. I will do that in real life somewhere in the very near future. Jippie!
This image started as a doodle this morning. Just using a ballpoint. Than I added marker and Pitt pens (FaberCastel). I scanned the image into the computer and cleaned the image from smudges and other artefacts. After that I made a digital background.
I like to combine these different techniques. They all have their own beauty (and disadvantages). The Pitt pens have their natuaral irregularities when filling a form with their color. The computer has just the opposite possibility, creating evenly colored surfaces.

experiment with acrylagouache

I bought a (small) box of acrylagouache paint by Holbein and some beautiful paintbrushes. O my God, how great is that paint. The colors are so bright! I keep going back to them again and again. Today I tried scanning them and that worked very well also. Thank you Judith at Splendith for advising me so well on this stuff. I’m going back to my paint now! See you!