make art that sells

The Time Machine

the time machine ‘the time machine’ , collage and drawing/painting in a sketchbook, photoshop We had to design a time machine (among others) for Art School (Make Art That Sells)this month. I kept thinking about a bookcase, because books can make you travel in time, don’t you agree?  Have a good week everybody!

Let’s have a drink…

Let’s have a drink… ‘let’s have drink’, collage and drawing/painting For My Year of Art School we had this funny assignment. We were to turn some dessert foods into characters. I really loved doing this one! Maybe it could be a Valentine card.

the girl with the pink glasses

Isn’t she cute, my girl with pink glasses and earrings straight from the eighties?

I remember having a buckets full of them, all plastic with fabulous colors and dessins. I made this ‘portrait’ doing this great e-course right now. It is called ‘Lilla’s Art Recipes: Drawing Faces’. It is given by Lilla Rogers from Make Art That Sells. She is a funny and very artwise lady who designs all sorts of courses for artists both to advance their creative abilities and/or their businessqualities.