I am just me

I am just me ‘I am just me’, very small drawing/painting, gouache and ink on paper ‘I am just me…” answered  the pinkish animal when I asked her what kind of a species she was. I liked her words, but she didn’t seem to care and went on with her own things.

the sweet mood

The sweet mood ‘sweet mood’,  drawing/painting in a sketchbook, digital collage Pink!!! It turns up again and again in my paintings. I don’t exactly know why (who cares anyway). I love it even more with a strong red next to it. So here is my homage to PINK. I made the diverse items here with …

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still life with car

a still life with a pink car ‘still life’, drawing/painting in a sketchbook What do a pink car, a pear, a tree and some flowers have to do with each other? Nothing, except that they appear together in this still life. This image is available as a high quality fine art print here.

on courage

on courage ‘on courage’, collage and drawing/painting in a sketchbook This piece is about courage, wisdom, beauty and love. Can you find the symbols I used for these words?  Have a great weekend!