About me

Hi, I am an artist and most of my working life I was also a doctor.
As a doctor/therapist/coach I helped my clients to free their own light and color. Now I try to send some color and light into the world trough my art. I love to make art! A day without having made some art feels empty to me.

I like working on paper and/or canvas and I create art journals.I also make poems and little stories and I write about creativity. I love to see my work in print, or in small books. I sometimes work with textile, making large embroidery stuff or knitting big things.

As an artist I wish to create moments of light and joy. Color is therefore an important ingredient of my art. The beauty of pieces of paper, of stains, of accidental lines is always fascinating me. I feel challenged to amplify their beauty, to let them speak and tell their story. I love all kinds of materials: I love the most expensive paints and the cheapest pencils. I love the most beautiful handmade paper and a crumpled, yellowed shopping list. Therefore my art is usually made of several materials and by using several media.

I live and work in a beautiful small city named Leyden in the Netherlands. I live in big old crumbling house with my husband. We have a garden that we try to make into a paradise with a lot of flowers. Often we fail at this because we tend up drinking a glass of wine admiring nature instead of working in the garden. We have three grown up children. 

If you want to know more about me, please read this interview (btw: you have to scroll down a little bit on the page).

Check my instagram, facebook and this site for updates on my art!