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collage of trees

about collages

I love making collages. Whenever I feel in need of new ideas I gather the scraps of paper from my drawing table and put them together. I try to stay out of thinking as long as possible and just move around the paper leftovers until it feels okay.  Sometimes I cut them into simple recognizable forms or I add more drawing to it.
This always fuels my creative soul.

In the collage shown here I used a drawing I wasn’t too happy about but which had some nice textures in it. I also had some great soft green paper. I added some of the red paper I already used in the original piece. Then I cut some simple trees out of what I collected and voilà … a small forest was born.

‘collage of trees’,

mixed media on paper,
reworked digital

The (almost) daily art sparkles

The (Almost) Daily Sparkle

Today I renamed the blog part of my site as ‘The (Almost) Daily Art Sparkle’, in short TADA’s. Instead of the to do’s as in to-do-list this is TADA!!! as in ‘yes, I did it!’ or something like that.
With this renaming I want to connect myself to what it says: almost daily posting some of my art, with or without comments or explanations.
Why? First, maybe because that is what I like more than anything in the world, making art everyday and spreading it around. And more, I think  and hope that art it can brighten up your day as it does mine.
That’s it for now! Tomorow more TADA’s!

‘red trees’,

mixed media on paper,
reworked digital

the loveletter

the loveletter

‘I am writing you this drawing … as a loveletter’, is written on this page.
Sometimes drawing feels like writing (and writing can feel like drawing). Lines make forms that can mean something just like letters do. And together the images will tell a story, no matter how small.

doodle page of today

doodle page

I didn’t have much time yesterday, but I made these doodles. Just sketching and moving my pen randomly over the paper  always gets me in the mood to do more. It keeps the spirits high. I know the Muze is still there whispering ‘çome, come’ while waiting patiently untill there is more time for me to create.

‘doodle page’,

mixed media on paper,
reworked digital

working on big paper

working on big paper

I am experimenting with working on bigger sizes of paper.  That makes it possible to tell more parts of a story in one picture.  
What I like about the bigger size is that I can integrate all small paintings and drawings that I make all the time. Somehow they find their place in these compositions and thus acquire their meaning.
What I also like about the bigger sizes is that it easy to use a lot of different stuff and switch media and style easily. Here I used acrylic paint, acryla gouache, indian ink, markers, ball point and collage.

‘family gathering’,

size 112×62 cm

mixed media, including collage, on paper