Fly free!

Fly free! ‘Fly free!’, collage and drawing/painting in a sketchbook It’s only now that I realize that this image must be about climate change. The woman standing in the water, the bird released to find land somewhere near the rainbow. Is there hope for our planet?

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Hi! ‘hi’, drawing/painting in a sketchbook Hi! This post is coming from my garden. I want to be outside more often. On Instagram I see so many people working so relaxed from their gardens, laptop on their lap. I thought I could give it a try. The laptop on my lap doesn’t feel too stable

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messages from the soul

Messages from the soul ‘messages from the soul’, drawing/painting in a sketchbook Creativity is the liberator of the wisdom of your soul. When making art new meanings appear, new perspectives. They were already there, waiting in your soul to be discovered. Practicing creativity helps you see them, understand them. It helps you to experience yourself,

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