I am just me

I am just me ‘I am just me’, very small drawing/painting, gouache and ink on paper ‘I am just me…” answered  the pinkish animal when I asked her what kind of a species she was. I liked her words, but she didn’t seem to care and went on with her own things.

flowers, again…

Flowers, once again… ‘flowers again…’, drawing/painting in a sketchbook a very flowery doodle, made with gouache paint, acrylic pens, ink and markers   soon available as a print in my web shop

story time?

story telling? some very small paintings on paper I’m in the mood of making very small drawings and paintings. Here are four of them. Most of them are around 10 x 10 cm. What I like about them is that they can be handled very easily, like a deck of cards. You can take some …

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