vacation doodle

vacation doodle ‘vacation doodle’, small drawing/painting in a sketchbook I’ve been away for a while: traveling to Spain and France. Lucky me!That doesn’t mean that I stop drawing and painting. I can’t! I need it as badly as water, I guess.So I always carry with me a small sketchbook (named ‘the portable Eyck’), a painting …

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the perfect garden day

the perfect garden day ‘the perfect garden day’, drawing/painting in a sketchbook The weather was so wonderful today: sunny, but not too hot. We spend a lot of time in the garden just hanging around and gardening a little bit. Thank you, universe!

the sea

the sea ‘the sea’, drawing/painting in a sketchbook, mixed media, includes poem whenever I meet the sea I think about our origin all life on earth was born from the water so I guess in the end (as in the beginning) the sea is our mother

quirky minds

Quirky minds ‘quirky minds…’,  drawing/painting in a sketchbook, gouache, aquarel, indian ink To do today: think about this quote ‘a quirky mind is a joy forever’.Have a good weekend everyone!