weerbericht db 084 600×400 jpeg

weather report

11 September 2019
Weather report at the end of summer
4 slinger aj 092 600×400 jpeg

just a normal day

19 July 2019
This is a poem about the miracle of an ordinary day.
singing tree gr map 3 600×400 jpeg


8 June 2019
the wind plays wildly, the trees find their voices and sing their song out loud
closed eyes db 083 600×400 jpeg

I will find you

4 June 2019
Oh, darling, don't worry! I will find you, even in the middle of the night with my eyes closed wandering a pitch-dark forest...
2 zwevende letters 600x 400 jpeg

always a poem

14 May 2019
black letters wandering around on this piece of paper searching for their place floating... lingering... strolling... connecting to the colors or to the white space…
tall John db 082 600×400 jpeg

Tall John

30 March 2019
It is springtime Tall John is cleaning his house Whistling a tune He throws out all his winterstuff Preparing for summer