colorful art

quirky minds

Quirky minds ‘quirky minds…’,  drawing/painting in a sketchbook, gouache, aquarel, indian ink To do today: think about this quote ‘a quirky mind is a joy forever’.Have a good weekend everyone!

back into happy chaos

An Artjournal Spread ‘back in happy chaos’,  drawing/painting in a sketchbook Back in the studio, creating new chaos and new art. I love to have a little bit of a mess around me. I have the feeling that that is the most fertile soil for my art.  

The Time Machine

the time machine ‘the time machine’ , collage and drawing/painting in a sketchbook, photoshop We had to design a time machine (among others) for Art School (Make Art That Sells)this month. I kept thinking about a bookcase, because books can make you travel in time, don’t you agree?  Have a good week everybody!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter ‘happy easter’, drawing/painting in a sketchbook Flowers, birds, happy colors. It’s Springtime and that means Easter. Easter for me is not about eggs, bunnies or about religious things. For me it is always about new beginnings, hope and new life. Happy Easter everyone!

Sweet Homes

Sweet Homes ‘sweet homes’, mixed media on paper, 65×50 cm  This painting can be seen live in ‘Blossom door kleine planeet’ during April and May. I call it ‘Sweet Homes’. It’s made on paper using all sorts of materials. The size is about 65×50 cm.