Ice cream in the Summer

a summer image ‘ice cream in the Summer’, mixed media drawing/painting in a sketchbook Summer is sweeping over The Netherlands and so Summer colors and Summer images keep coming up in my art. Here is a nice cool fruity sorbet for you. Enjoy!

Gerards Painting

Gerard Painting ‘Gerards painting’,  drawing/painting in a sketchbook Gerards painting is named like this, because my dear husband fell in love with it the moment he saw it. So this one is for you, my love!

vacation doodle

vacation doodle ‘vacation doodle’, small drawing/painting in a sketchbook I’ve been away for a while: traveling to Spain and France. Lucky me!That doesn’t mean that I stop drawing and painting. I can’t! I need it as badly as water, I guess.So I always carry with me a small sketchbook (named ‘the portable Eyck’), a painting …

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the perfect garden day

the perfect garden day ‘the perfect garden day’, drawing/painting in a sketchbook The weather was so wonderful today: sunny, but not too hot. We spend a lot of time in the garden just hanging around and gardening a little bit. Thank you, universe!