On black

Today I accidentally threw over a bottle of Indian ink, spilling right over a painting I was making (not this one by the way). This Indian ink is very black and extremely persistent… Which is exactly why I use it sometimes.
After some cursing and a lot of cleaning up, I took a look at what to do with the painting. The big black, slightly faded stain added some details to the work, making it definitely more interesting. And I was happy with that.
I’m stil working on that piece of art, which I might show you another time maybe. But I also got to using black in another thing that I didn’t like very much yet. Also this one got more personality. I guess that the black can actually light out some colors and forms that need to stand out. I wonder if it works in the same way in real life: do dark days help us to see the light better?

Anyway, the lesson of today is: ‘You can spill all of your black ink over a piece of art, but the true colors will always peek through the dark.’

‘On black’,

mixed media on paper


not (yet) in my shop

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