colorful scribbles

Today I am experimenting with pencil once again. When I was little I went to a school with absolutely no ideas about creativity (or even about children I guess) at all. There where drawing lessons where we either had to draw a very simple drawing with circles and a line that the teacher drew for us on the calkboard. Or we would get a assignment like ‘draw your Chrismas tree’.

The teacher would provide us with a minimal piece of paper, some pencils, sometimes colored. The pencils were of such a bad quality that there was no possibility to get any color of them. And the paper was so small that I found it impossible to draw anything on it.

Highschool gave me a lot of techniques to choose from freely, so I hardly ever looked at any colorpencils again.

It took me some decades to try to work with pencils again. They never became my favorites. But lately I’m mixing them more and more in my work, trying out different ways of using them. I am starting to like them more now that I get used to them.

By the way: buying and using better brands of colorpencils certainly helped in this as did watching some Youtube videos.

‘colorful scribbles’,

aquapencil, marker and ink on paper,
reworked digital

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