let the Muse lead

Painting, drawing, making art I try not to think too much. What I  mean is that I try not to listen to them. I try to shut out ‘will they like it?’, ‘can I ever sell this?’, ‘this is nothing’.
However, I do listen to the soft whispering voices that often lead me. They say very simple things like: ‘take red’, ‘use the crayons’, ‘tear it up’. They give me instructions on how to make my art. Sometimes they whisper words or phrases that turn into little poems.
Hearing those soft whispering voices, I call them the Muse, I need to be very quit myself, to be alone. To follow the Muse I need to close my eyes so to speak. All in order to hear and see more clearly.

‘let the Muse lead’,

mixed media on paper,
reworked digital

not (yet) in my shop

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