who is afraid of color?

Here in the Netherlands the predominant colors in interior design (home, offices, hotels and restaurants alike) and in architecture seem to be brown, gray, sometimes some beige. We have had a period of very soft pastels, so soft that they seemed more like a vaguely colored version of gray than the actual green, pink or blue that they derived from originally.

I understand that there is a place for very soft and earthy colors, which can be very calming and beautiful, but lately I have the feeling that our country is turning into a giant crematorium.

It is strange because color, real colors can give such an amount of energy. They make me happy and fill me with dancing joy. 

My personal dream is that we paint our houses and interiors bold, brave and bursting with imagination. Think of  what that would do to people

But maybe most of us just long for rest, maybe even for death in a way, because we demand so much of ourselves and others that we don’t want to dance anymore, or think that we don’t want that anymore.

Maybe we should tune down our demands and tune up our colors.

Have a happy colorful dancing day!


‘who is afraid of color’,

acryla gouache on paper,
reworked digital

not (yet) in my shop

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  1. Hello I’ve found this site through the daily art site on FB. I’m loving your small card exercise and your thoughts on bright colors! I’m in Arizona-USA

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