doodle along and wake up your creative soul

Sometimes when I don’t know what to draw, what technique to start with, or even what kind of paper I should use, I do a sort of mini-exercise. Or maybe it is more some sort of a game.
It goes a little bit like this:
I start with drawing random lines on a couple, ten, maybe fifteen, of small papers or cards (here they are 10,5 to 7,5 cm). They are quick lines (or spots) with no meaning at all. Then I  put the cards around me and add things to them. The moment I hesitate with one card I immediately switch to another card en draw on that one. In the beginning it is very important for me to keep up the speed. Working fast and intuitively.
Later on the process usually slows down. That is when I start to see more pattern or meaning in the drawings. Sometimes I end op drawing, painting, reworking the cards for hours and I end up with a couple of pieces of art. Some good, some not so good. But always, yes always, my creative soul is fully awake again! 
Ta dah!!!!

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