The Corona Chronicles, part eleven

This piece is called ‘tlephone doodle’. What do doodles have to do with corona, I hear you thinking when you see the title of this post.  I’ll explain.
A ‘doodle’ is a thoughless scribble that you make on some lost piece of paper or in the marges of a report. Maybe you make them while being in a boring meeting.  I tend to make them while on the phone. Not that I am bored at that moment. It actually helps me to concentrate and listen better.
Usually my telephone doodles are small and not more then a couple of lines. That is because I don’t like telephone calls very much, to be honest. 
However in these corona filled days, now that contact in person is rare, I tend to be more on the telephone and also much, much longer. 
And so this doodle is the result of telephone talks with my sons and sister. Long phonecalls result in elaborate doodles so to see.
Have a good day!

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‘Telephone doodle’,

mixed media on paper,
reworked digital

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