Art Journal

This is the cover of my Art Journal number 118. These days I mostly work in sketchbooks. I love it because it makes the whole process of painting and drawing  much more loose and relaxed. I can take the book with me wherever I go and draw, write or paint when I feel like it (which is always ). Also, when I don’t know how to go on with a page, I just go to another page and begin again or make something else.
I move through the books a lot. Years later I tend to come back to my older ones and change things, sometimes reworking the whole book again.
I made the cover of this book while we were thinking about making a flowermeadow in our garden, to make it even more of a paradise for the bees and the butterflies. We’re working on that one right now!
Have a good day, everyone!

‘Art Journal 118’,

acrylic paintpen on black canvas,
reworked digital

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