the sewing machine

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‘sewing machine’, illustration art school, drawing/painting in a sketchbook

Last week I started a new course with Lilla Roberts’ ‘Make Art That Sells‘. This one is focused on editorial illustration, meaning illustration connected to a written content (in a magazine, blogs etc). 
My goal in this course is to learn to work a bit more with a concept or a theme in mind. Usually I just start drawing, doodling and painting and later I find out what it is about. I like that process a lot, but I also want to have a bit more control if I choose to.
This sewing machine is for an assignment for the course. I never drew one before, but I loved doing it. And while making it memories came flooding in. Back in highschool I never had much money to buy any clothes, so I made them myself. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but sometimes it worked out pretty well (at least that’s what I thought). We had only a very old sewing machine, a little bit like the one I drew here. But it worked and that was the most important. I also loved the vintage look. 

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