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nice weekend db 085 600×400 jpeg

nice weekend

24 January 2020
have a nice and sweet weekend!
bird on my head 2 600×400


9 August 2019
I may dream that I have the world in my hands, but in the meantime a bird landed on my head. God knows what he's…
sweetmemorie db 038 600×400 jpeg

sweet memory

24 July 2019
Hi, six years ago on this day, my mother died. From then on we were orphans, since my father had died a couple of years…
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be brave!

23 July 2019
Talk about what really moves you! This is a note to myself. Lately I catch myself complaining a lot. That doesn't do me or anyone…
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10 July 2019
As a teenager in the late 60-s and 70-s I read this magazine called Tina. It was full of comics about girls. They were either…
papa en opa, 2 600×400 jpeg

fathers day

16 June 2019
My father and his dad ca 1929
round and round db 083 600×400 jpeg

round and round

13 June 2019
I was making this piece and kept hearing in my head the song 'the windmills of your mind' (I personally like this version sung by…
rest and music db 083 600×400

the art of taking a nap

31 May 2019
I love to take naps, although I am usually dressed and in my bed, unlike in the painting. They load me with energy. A little…
anti hate potion db 083 600×400 jpeg

may 4 and 5

5 May 2019
May 4 and 5 in The Netherlands
resting queen db 083 600×400 jpeg

the resting queen

4 May 2019
you are the queen or king of your own life like it or not but even the queen has to rest from time to time…
happy dog 600×400 jpeg

happy dog

2 May 2019
Why do I draw dogs? Sometimes I wonder about this. I am not really a dog lover (or a dog hater). For a long time…
hamertje tik uit aj 110 met witte vormen 600×400

tap tap art

26 March 2019
When I made this collage it reminded me of a toy we had as children. You remember those geometric wooden shapes in bright colors that…
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