Memories, notes to myself, and other stuff

presentatie journal art mariska eyck bootcamp march 2021 400×600

a journal

22 March 2021
a design for a Journal cover
green face art mariska eyck db 097 16842 400×600


4 March 2021
thoughts on the color green
hac zone art mariska eyck hac

new happy art cards in galerie Zone

16 July 2020
New Happy Art Cards in Galerie Zône Hi guys, I put some new free Happy Art Cards in galerie Zône. So put on your summerhat…
dancing little sailor artwork mixed media mariska eyck db 087 600×400 jpeg

Little sailor

17 April 2020
little sailor is playing on the beach
no feminicide db 086 600×400 jpeg

no more femicide!

9 March 2020
no more femicide! Yesterday it was international Womens Day. One of the reasons we have to remember this day is the amount of murders on…
philiosofer db 085 600×400 jpeg


31 January 2020
why do we exist?
nice weekend db 085 600×400 jpeg

nice weekend

24 January 2020
have a nice and sweet weekend!
bird on my head 2 600×400


9 August 2019
I may dream that I have the world in my hands, but in the meantime a bird landed on my head. God knows what he's…
sweetmemorie db 038 600×400 jpeg

sweet memory

24 July 2019
Hi, six years ago on this day, my mother died. From then on we were orphans, since my father had died a couple of years…
blah blah db 084 600×400 jpeg

be brave!

23 July 2019
Talk about what really moves you! This is a note to myself. Lately I catch myself complaining a lot. That doesn't do me or anyone…
tina db 083 600×400 jpeg


10 July 2019
As a teenager in the late 60-s and 70-s I read this magazine called Tina. It was full of comics about girls. They were either…
papa en opa, 2 600×400 jpeg

fathers day

16 June 2019
My father and his dad ca 1929
round and round db 083 600×400 jpeg

round and round

13 June 2019
I was making this piece and kept hearing in my head the song 'the windmills of your mind' (I personally like this version sung by…