dancing little sailor artwork mixed media mariska eyck db 087 600×400 jpeg

Little sailor

17 April 2020
little sailor is playing on the beach
watching abstracts db 086 600×400 jpeg

Abstract life

8 April 2020
Sometimes life feels a little bit abstract...
dragon uit db 086 600×400

Little dragon

2 April 2020
Look, what I found between the flowers!
treasure db 086 print 400×600 jpeg


3 March 2020
Treasure: mixed media (including collage)
my house detail 3 aj 038 600x 400 jpeg


17 February 2020
the sunshine in your heart
my house abstract detail aj 038 600×400 jpeg

abstract mood

16 February 2020
sometimes some colors and simple forms are enough to make your day
hop on and be free db 085 600×400 jpeg

hop on

8 February 2020
Be free!
the forest aj 038 600×400 jpeg

the forest

16 January 2020
a sunny day in the forest
the couple gr map 3 600×400 jpeg

the couple

6 January 2020
Every couple has a story
let’s love db 085 PRINTABLE 600×400 jpeg

let’s love

10 November 2019
It is a beautiful day! Let's love eachother...
red cat aj 082 600×400 jpeg

The red cat

8 November 2019
a red cat in a flowerfield
papa’s hat db 084 600×400 jpeg

Papa’s new hat

31 October 2019
Papa's new hat My father would always wear a hat. And when I had bought a new one, he would proudly show it to us,…
grote bloemen gr map 2 detail 600×400 jpeg

Summer image

1 September 2019
Yellow stays forever in my heart as an image of summer.
bird ddb 084 600×400 jpeg

Home again!

31 August 2019
Sometimes you need a vacation to remember how to be free at home.
doodling in summer db 084 600×400 jpeg


8 August 2019
Favourite activity in summer: doodling around, while the sun is watching and the cats are playing.
lady with hat db 083 600×400 jpeg

the lady with the hat

12 July 2019
I love to draw ladies with hats. I don’t know why. Maybe because my mother would always wear hats when I was a little girl.
blue bear yellow city 600×400 jpeg

blue bear

18 June 2019
blue bear talking to the moon
let’s work gr map 3 600×400 jpeg


17 June 2019
Hi guys, it's Monday! Let's work!
tulip 2 aj 120 600×400 jpeg

happy tulip

14 June 2019
mixed media on paper, reworked digital
sun aj 105 600×300

the cupboard

11 June 2019
'the cupboard': mixed media on paper, reworked digital
roodkapje db 083 600×400 jpeg


6 June 2019
I am a bit worried about Little Red Ridinghood now that the wolves are back in The Netherlands and serious about staying, so it seems.…
funny hat db 083 600×400 jpeg

Put on your funny hat

3 June 2019
I was feeling a bit morose this morning. I don't know why. It's Monday, maybe that's it, although I usually like Mondays. Working for myself…
summertime db 083 600×400 jpeg


2 June 2019
Yes, it’s summertime in The Netherlands today. It is sunny and hot. I am looking after Sacha Wendt‘s beautiful shop in Amsterdam. I wonder who…
jojo db 083 600×400 jpeg

at the beach

26 May 2019
mixed media on paper, reworked digital


7 May 2019
'birdsong', mixed media (ink, ecoline) on paper, reworked digital
the dancer gr map 3 600×400 jpeg

the dancer

25 April 2019
Life is a dance. There is tiptoeing, there is balancing, there is circling, there are smooth flying phases and extreme difficult moves. Life is a…
flowers for shri lanka 2 db 082 600×400 jpeg

flowers for Shri Lanka

21 April 2019
Flowers for consolation after the terrible attacks in Shri Lanka on this Easter Sunday
folklore db 082 600×400 jpeg

Folklore for this summer?

19 April 2019
What about some folklore this season? Lots of flowers, different dessins in one piece of clothing. And bright colors of course. I still have to…
portrait gallery 2 aj 112 600×400 jpeg

portrait 1

18 April 2019
This is the first of a series of funny portraits I made some time ago. I am thinking about turning them into postcards or a…
going home aj 058 600×400 jpeg

‘going home’

10 April 2019
The happy dog sees his house in the far distance and is ready to run over to it. Right through the garden with its tulips…
the well uit db 082 600×400 jpeg

the well

29 March 2019
Soulsearching: Are you ready to see what's on the bottom of the well?
fun with paper uit db 082 600×400 jpeg

fun with paper

25 March 2019
The rain is gone! Oh, there it is again… It must be springtime in Holland.
zwaar beladen uit db 082 600×400 jpeg

beast of burden

23 March 2019
Look out for the amount of load you want to carry with you. You might not be able to move at all...
bird all over aj 111 600×400 jpeg

birds all over the place

23 August 2018
birds all over the place Some happy art for today!This piece of art is a mixed media work, made with acrylics, ink, markers, tape, posca…
suburbs thmb

Fading sunlight

10 April 2018
suburbs in fading sunlight Suburbs in fading sunlight',artprintmixed media on paper, reworked digitalThis piece is available in my shop.