i am back detail art mariska eyck db 091 400×600 jpeg

I’m back!

9 September 2020
after a social media break of three weeks I am back
ventilator-2 art mariska eyck db 090 400×600 jpeg

Mijn favoriete huisdier

14 August 2020
My favourite pet (de ventila-tor) 'mijn favoriete huisdier: de ventila-tor', pen drawing on paperTijdens deze hittegolf werk ik met mijn ventilator aan. Op de maximale…
lady art mariska eyck db 090 400×600 jpeg

girl looking back

8 August 2020
Girl looking back 'girl looking back', collage and drawing/painting in a sketchbookWhat does this girl do? Is she looking at her demons, or are they…
sunny day art mariska eyck db 090 400×600 jpeg

Sunny day

6 August 2020
Sunny day 'sunny day' , collage and drawing/painting in a sketchbookIn case you didn't notice, like I often do, it is a beautiful sunny day…
arrogant bird drawing art mariska eyck db 090 400×600 jpeg


5 August 2020
selfportrait as an arrogant bird
full moon mixed media art mariska eyck detail db 088 600×400 jpeg

Full moon

3 August 2020
full moon 'full moon', detail from a mixed media page including collage in a sketchbookThey say that tonight is full moon. 
serious painting 400×600 jpeg

serious painting

31 July 2020
Serious painting stuff... 'poppy field', acrylics and indian ink in a sketchbookSometimes I want to see a messy page with a lot of paint on…
bird and flowers 2 art mariska eyck aj 061 400×600 jpeg

singing for the clouds

21 July 2020
singing for the clouds 'bird singing for the clouds', drawing/painting in a sketchbook with a touch of photoshop
bird weird art mariska eyck db 089 400×600 jpeg

Funny Bird

18 July 2020
a funny little bird to start your weekend with!
blocked artwork indian ink mariska eyck map 4 400×600 jpeg


4 July 2020
don't block your mind
happy tree art ink mariska eyck aj 109 400×600 jpeg


2 July 2020
a plant 'a plant', marker drawing on paper, digital rework
flowers and bird art mixed media mariska eyck db 089 400×600 jpeg

Sing a song

25 June 2020
detail of a mixed media artwork
watching abstracts db 086 600×400 jpeg

Abstract life

8 April 2020
Sometimes life feels a little bit abstract...
dragon uit db 086 600×400

Little dragon

2 April 2020
Look, what I found between the flowers!
treasure db 086 print 400×600 jpeg


3 March 2020
Treasure: mixed media (including collage)
my house detail 3 aj 038 600x 400 jpeg


17 February 2020
the sunshine in your heart
my house abstract detail aj 038 600×400 jpeg

abstract mood

16 February 2020
sometimes some colors and simple forms are enough to make your day
hop on and be free db 085 600×400 jpeg

hop on

8 February 2020
Be free!
the forest aj 038 600×400 jpeg

the forest

16 January 2020
a sunny day in the forest
the couple gr map 3 600×400 jpeg

the couple

6 January 2020
Every couple has a story
let’s love db 085 PRINTABLE 600×400 jpeg

let’s love

10 November 2019
It is a beautiful day! Let's love eachother...
red cat aj 082 600×400 jpeg

The red cat

8 November 2019
a red cat in a flowerfield
papa’s hat db 084 600×400 jpeg

Papa’s new hat

31 October 2019
Papa's new hat My father would always wear a hat. And when I had bought a new one, he would proudly show it to us,…
grote bloemen gr map 2 detail 600×400 jpeg

Summer image

1 September 2019
Yellow stays forever in my heart as an image of summer.
bird ddb 084 600×400 jpeg

Home again!

31 August 2019
Sometimes you need a vacation to remember how to be free at home.
doodling in summer db 084 600×400 jpeg


8 August 2019
Favourite activity in summer: doodling around, while the sun is watching and the cats are playing.
lady with hat db 083 600×400 jpeg

the lady with the hat

12 July 2019
I love to draw ladies with hats. I don’t know why. Maybe because my mother would always wear hats when I was a little girl.
blue bear yellow city 600×400 jpeg

blue bear

18 June 2019
blue bear talking to the moon
let’s work gr map 3 600×400 jpeg


17 June 2019
Hi guys, it's Monday! Let's work!
tulip 2 aj 120 600×400 jpeg

happy tulip

14 June 2019
mixed media on paper, reworked digital
sun aj 105 600×300

the cupboard

11 June 2019
'the cupboard': mixed media on paper, reworked digital
roodkapje db 083 600×400 jpeg


6 June 2019
I am a bit worried about Little Red Ridinghood now that the wolves are back in The Netherlands and serious about staying, so it seems.…
funny hat db 083 600×400 jpeg

Put on your funny hat

3 June 2019
I was feeling a bit morose this morning. I don't know why. It's Monday, maybe that's it, although I usually like Mondays. Working for myself…
summertime db 083 600×400 jpeg


2 June 2019
Yes, it’s summertime in The Netherlands today. It is sunny and hot. I am looking after Sacha Wendt‘s beautiful shop in Amsterdam. I wonder who…
jojo db 083 600×400 jpeg

at the beach

26 May 2019
mixed media on paper, reworked digital