Tales on Creativity

I am a doctor and an artist. In this blog I write about art and being an artist from a doctors point of view.
First of all it is a personal exploration of why and how I make art. Of what making art means to for me?
Secondly I wonder how that is for others, artists and public?

I will try to find answers on questions like: Can art, looking at it or making art, heal? Can it help us with problems the world is dealing with right now? What is creativity anyway? Are we ignoring creativity in our children, co-workers etc?

surprise happy art mariska eyck db 088 400×600 jpeg


27 July 2020
can we mix styles or not?
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The (almost) daily art sparkles

2 February 2020
The (Almost) Daily Sparkle Today I renamed the blog part of my site as 'The (Almost) Daily Art Sparkle', in short TADA's. Instead of the…
foto bij post 30 nov 2019 db 085 jpeg 600×400

doodle along

30 November 2019
doodle along, kids and wake your creative soul!
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On black

12 August 2019
Today I accidentally threw over a bottle of Indian ink, spilling right over a painting I was making (not this one by the way). This…
write more db 083 600×400 jpeg

on writing

7 July 2019
finding the words is like finding the colors you were looking for all day in your studio you almost gave up... but, thank God, you…
girl with pink glasses 600×400 jpeg

the girl with the pink glasses

7 June 2019
Isn't she cute, my girl with pink glasses and earrings straight from the eighties? I remember having a buckets full of them, all plastic with…
room db 083 600×400 jpeg

redecorating in pink and red

30 May 2019
Yesterday morning I made this little painting and in the evening we rearranged the furniture in our sitting room. It wasn't exactly planned that way.…
shit 600×400 jpeg

feeling like sh…?

29 May 2019
'Feeling like sh...? Make art out of it!' This is one of my favourite motto's. It usually works great for me. Whenever I'm feeling down,…
foundtreasure db 083 600×400 site

refound treasures

28 May 2019
This piece of art started way back in the year 2000. I remember that at the time I was obsessed with the idea that you…
doodlepage db 083 600×400 jpeg

doodle & nonsense page of today

23 May 2019
For some reason I love ink very much at this moment. Indian ink in black and sometime other colors. This morning I couldn't stop doodling…
drawing faces dame 600×400 jpeg

the perfect couple

22 May 2019
At this moment I am following the e-course of Lila Rogers for drawing faces. I love it! And I am learning so much. This drawing…
red pe 600×400 jpeg

Kyle’s brushes

3 May 2019
Today I downloaded some new brushes (called Kyle's brushes) for Photoshop. This image is the result of my first try out with this new set.…
very small drawing 1 600×400 jpeg

little lady

30 April 2019
This is a very small drawing (ca 10x10 cm). I love to make these to keep my hands busy and my head empty. Just a…
10000 squares db 082 600×400 jpeg

100.000 ways to live our lives

24 April 2019
This morning I sketched the carpet on the upper left side of the image above. Then I thought about trying to figure out many different…
studioview db 082 600×400 jpeg

studio view on Tuesday morning

9 April 2019
This is what my working table looks like this morning. I am working on a lot of pieces of art at the same time. All…
princess carmine db 082 600×400 jpeg

Princess Carmine

8 April 2019
Lately I find myself very easily distracted by all kind of thoughts, smartphoneshit and whatever comes around. What I miss because of that is time…
bird with umbrella db 082 600×400 jpeg

bird walking in the sun

3 April 2019
Looking at this image I guess it is a reflection of me thinking a lot about going on vacation to sunny Spain. I will do…
hello birds gr map 3 600×400 jpeg

experiment with acrylagouache

2 April 2019
I bought a (small) box of acrylagouache paint by Holbein and some beautiful paintbrushes. O my God, how great is that paint. The colors are…
dutch remneants uit aj 117 600×400


28 March 2019
Collage made of remnants of experiments with symbols of The Netherlands. I found them this morning on my drawing table.
20 febr 2010 2 600x 400 jpeg


20 February 2010
Hundertwasser When I was making this one, I had to think about the artist Hundertwasser. I googled the man and the day I started making…