Friday check-in number one

‘finding back my dancing boots’,  drawing/painting in a sketchbook

This month I’m going to make a sort of check-in on every Friday. It is mostly meant for myself, so see where I’m heading in de somewhat longer run. But maybe you can get some ideas out of it as well.

This one is on finding back my dancing boots

We came back last Saturday from our vacation that was meant to be a road trip for about 3 weeks but that ended after a week. Why? Because we’re not so good at driving longer stretches anymore or maybe we just feel better at home or maybe we’re getting old. Whatever the reason was that we returned earlier it was quite a disappointment from which I and my travel mates had to recover for a couple of days.

One thing that I liked though was being back in my studio. So I made a lot of stuff, mostly small drawings, scribbles and doodles. They always put me back on track, because they help me understand what actually is going on in my life and around me. I discovered that what I need in life right now is a bit more breathing space. Some of it coming from tuning down the perfectionist a bit and some from letting go all sort of ‘shoulds’ and tasks.

What helped me a lot this week was listening to podcasts with other artists.

I listened to some interviews with Kate Bingaman-Burt by Debbie Millman (on designmatters) and Andy Miller (on creative peptalk).

Kate Bingaman-Burt is a Professor of Grafic Design at the Portland State University. Her ideas about art are a real treat to my heart. She is all about creative freedom, creative development and about zines. These talks really helped me to get back in the driver seat of my own creativity and find my dancing boots again.

Thanks, Kate (and Debbie and Andy)

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