welcome to my online picture book

Hello! And welcome to my website. I am Mariska Eyck and I am an artist in Leyden, the Netherlands (hop over to the about me page to get to know more about me).

For me this website, especially my blog, is an online picture book. Four to five times a week I post a new image, made by me. Sometimes I write a memory, a little story or a poem to accompany the image.

So how do you ‘read’ an imagebook? You pick it up and open it on a random page maybe. You look around, for a moment or maybe longer. Then you hop over to another page. It is a bit like strolling through a city you don’t know to well yet. You look here, you look there, you sit down somewhere, have a nice drink and go home. Maybe you’ll come back later.

I would love you to stroll through my book, discovering new things or coming back to what you liked before. Enjoy!

Some images can be printed as high quality glicee artprints in different sizes. You can find them in my shop here.